Fresh Air imageDeveloped in partnership with Fresh Air Educators, a leading online education provider, US Sailing created Basic Keelboat Online, an online course designed to prepare aspiring sailors for on-the-water instruction.Over the past 15 years, Fresh Air Educators has provided online education and certification to a broad range of activities, from powerboating to ATV operation, to more than 2 million students.


The course is based on US Sailing’s Basic Keelboat textbook, which teaches the essential principles of safe sailing for beginners and is the foundation for US Sailing’s Certification Series – the national standard for excellence in sailing and cruising instruction in the United States.

Basic Keelboat Online can be taken by anyone, whether preparing for an on-water course at a US Sailing school or for those interested in learning more about the sport. It works in conjunction with the Basic Keelboat course and is not a replacement for the certification.


If you have signed up for a course at a US Sailing Accredited School, ask if they’re utilizing Basic Keelboat Online before signing up independently, as your course registration may include access to the Online course already. Information about the course can be found at

If you have questions regarding Basic Keelboat Online, please contact US Sailing at