The US Sailing Keelboat Certification System is a series of sailing levels based on the natural progression of experience from daysailing to cruising and then extended passage making.

A certification candidate may, with previous experience and competency, challenge the required prerequisite levels by completing the written and practical examinations for each required level.  Essentially, you will be taken for an on-the-water check out for the highest level of certification you are challenging.  Pass the practical and then take the exam for the appropriate certification levels.

An example is that you wish to challenge the bareboat cruising certification.  You are taken for an on-the-water check out at the bareboat cruising level to ensure you have the skill sets we expect our students to have at that level.  Pass the practical and then you take the multiple choice exams at the basic keelboat, basic cruising and bareboat cruising levels.  Click here to review the standards at all of our certification levels.

For further information, contact a sailing school which offers the US Sailing Keelboat Certification System.