Instructors at US Sailing accredited schools possess outstanding seamanship and communication skills. All are trained in our proprietary teaching method. All are US Sailing certified professionals.

Candidates must be accomplished sailors able to sail anywhere in the United States and its waters. Those who seek US Sailing certification must be able to handle the vast range of situations and models of boats encountered in sailing courses. Practice, study and preparation are required by even the most gifted and experienced professional instructors.

Learn more about the standards instructors have to meet before teaching in the US Sailing Keelboat Certification System:

  • Basic Keelboat Instructor – Teach students to sail to sail a basic 18-foot to 27-foot sailboat with a ballasted keel and tiller steering.
  • Cruising Instructor – Teach Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising, and Coastal Navigation.
  • Coastal Passage Making Instructor – Teach a course designed for longer coastal passage making circumstances, night-time navigation, fog situations, watch rotations, radar use, and more.

Already an accomplished sailor? Think you’ve got what it takes to become a US Sailing instructor? Contact us.

Below is a listing of instructor courses. Courses are added to the calendar as they become available. Available spots are not necessarily guaranteed, as course registrations arriving via mail and fax may not yet be added. Full courses are no longer open for registration.